Spontaneous Words

Of all Shri Mataji’s legacies, perhaps the greatest is the vast collection of her speeches, press interviews, lectures, books and creative works – now digitally preserved for the benefit of future generations.

Shri Mataji smiling while reading a book in IndiaFrom 1970 until her passing in 2011 Shri Mataji  travelled across six continents, spreading the message that self-realization is accessible to everyone regardless of their background or spiritual orientation. Her motherly personality was far from the traditional image of a dry, austere guru, and she always offered her knowledge with love. Her talks and writings are full of wisdom and practical guidance on subjects that range from child rearing to agriculture and financial management to the great human potential for spiritual evolution.

Here are a few excerpts from this rich and abundant collection of texts. Readers may notice that Shri Mataji’s unique and unscripted language has not been edited or modified in any way.