Transformation is Her Legacy


Shri Mataji traveling in the village of Daglio, Northern Italy, 2007There are books and schools, classes and health centers, an academy for art and music and even a home for the destitute, but the legacy of Shri Mataji is something much more.

No single monument or non-governmental organization can demonstrate the true legacy of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, it is above and beyond all these things.

What Shri Mataji endowed to the world is not a philosophy, doctrine or even system of beliefs, it is a singularly extraordinary thing : Self-Realization.  This primordial spiritual awakening  is something that literally has the capacity to change the world. 

Unlike most prescriptions for change, this one starts with the intimate and growing self-awareness of the individual. That spark of spiritual recognition is Shri Mataji's legacy to the world.

Through her work she created a global community of Sahaja Yoga practitioners in over 95 countries, all united by the desire to transform themselves, and in so doing, create the possibility for transformation on a wider level.

Her vision did not lie in creating institutions or movements, instead her message was focused on the individual, the Self. She taught the world that only adherence to true individual and collective spirituality could solve global woes. She also insisted on the freedom of the individual - there is no dogma or doctrine in Sahaja Yoga, just an enlightened awareness of what is appropriate for one's spiritual development.

We have to show the results of kundalini awakening... It's for the whole world. That is my vision
"To make them equipped so that they can solve their own problems, that is what I have to do...You have to be your own doctor. You have to be your own guru.”

By triggering a tangible change in the individual through the awakening of the Kundalini and the ensuing meditation, she taught the world how to achieve a higher ambition than just material success or power.   “We must achieve the peace within,” she advised.

Peace. Place. Citizenship. Transformation. The legacy of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is simple, elegant, and also profound.