Enlightening Encounters

'She is Easily Discerned by Those who Love Her'

Asked once by a journalist in England, “Have you had any disappointments?” Shri Mataji replied “I have neither had any appointments or disappointments!” The laughter which followed characterised many conversations with Shri Mataji, which could be humorous, unusual, and often take a surprising turn.

Shri Mataji had a capacity to reveal connections between topics which most wouldn’t see until guided, and this made her talks and stories engaging, enchanting and memorable.  Shri Mataji delivered thousands of such talks,  always instructive, always enlightening.  Her passport was nearly an inch thick, with several extension sections stapled one to another. These passports bore the stamp of the many places Shri Mataji visited as she traversed the globe with one enduring intention, not to visit places, but people.

She did indeed meet thousands of people, but not in a series of brief hellos and goodbyes. Tuning into the person in front of her, whether worldly-wise and accomplished or a humble villager, Shri Mataji would delve deep into a person’s being, as for her they all mattered, they were all impressive, they all had capacity.

It was this capacity which inspired Shri Mataji to do this work. Each person’s capacity to become the Spirit, to become connected, to achieve Self Realization. Some people 'saw' Shri Mataji, some simply didn’t. It was more about the state of the individual than Shri Mataji; where they were placed within themselves rather than who she was. Some people saw her, perceived her, drew closer, others turned away..

Wisdom is radiant and unfading
and she is easily discerned by those who love her,
and is found by those who seek her.
She hastens to make herself known to those who desire her.
... she goes about seeking those worthy of her,
and she graciously appears to them in their paths
the Wisdom of Solomon Ch 6 v12-17
And who was Shri Mataji? What is Shri Mataji?
Shri Mataji was a Guru.  And what is a Guru? – The word guru has a very specific meaning:
Gu = ignorance. Ru = dispeller. Hence a Guru should be able to bring about the removal of spiritual ignorance and illusion which engulfs the human condition.

For those who did draw closer, many sensed Shri Mataji was the real deal, the complete package, the axis mundi. A Divine Mother. Somehow she had an ability, an innate capacity to help people work on and solve their own problems. Her magic was like that of a loving gardener, the action was in the sprouting.

She would germinate within any individual, subject to their desire, a new level of capacity, a hidden ingredient, an extra dimension. Yet her message was firm: 'Become your own Guru, become the Spirit', and that,  it turned out, could be somewhat difficult. It required intention!

Scattered attention, confusion, laziness, low self-esteem, countless human weaknesses would hamper each individual’s determination to work on themselves, attend to themselves, to become all that they could be.

In this process, as a Guru, Shri Mataji could be fierce like a tiger, awesome to behold, and yet as a Mother, she could be gentle as a dove, majestic, a comforter. In a motherly way she would endeavour to inspire and elevate individuals, often only to see them flounder, go off track, trip-up and need re-gravitating.

When in her attention it felt like you were in the hands of evolution itself. No doubt in the photos, you can see her smile, it would act to comfort and redeem. Her voice would offer succour & counsel to weary ears. The choice always remained in the heart of the individual, whether or not to heed her counsel. With varying levels of understanding, everyone experienced Shri Mataji uniquely.

Become your own Guru, Become the Spirit!
Her delicacy in handling people was immense. With radar-like precision she could rapidly tune into a situation, her attention penetrating through, to hear what was being said and also what wasn’t being said. She tuned into the indwelling desire of those around her.

Her laughter was infectious and relieving, her witnessing power and enjoyment of life’s ups and downs, liberating. Books have been compiled where people who met Shri Mataji recollect many of these moments.  They all express one thing: a sense of privilege, divine luck, good fortune that somehow they had come across Shri Mataji and her teachings. A sensing that grace itself had touched these encounters and nourished their lives.

Shri Mataji’s message of insight and wisdom remains constant and the same, as she said:

"I bow to all the seekers of truth"
"You are the Spirit"
"Within you resides a power"
"Become your own guru"
"You can achieve your Self Realization. You can feel a cool breeze on the palms of your hands and above your head"

The essential message never changed. This celestial song always remains the same. The only question being, how many would hear this song and how many would experience and understand its melody?

Shri Mataji travels on, she meets people in places across the globe even today, through the outstretched hands and hearts of those who have humbly taken her message to heart and learned how to sing its song. In the sparkle of each newly enlightened eye shines the spark of Shri Mataji’s eternal presence.

Her essence is felt in human hands and a-top heads. Her grace gently softens the heart and as each new sapling leans forward to listen in some more, the echo of her love reaches its destination.

Become your own Guru, Become the Spirit!
What a public life. What a message... for a world in an age of distress.

The Wisdom of Solomon

Wisdom is radiant and unfading
and she is easily discerned by those who love her,
and is found by those who seek her.
She hastens to make herself known to those who desire her.
... she goes about seeking those worthy of her,
and she graciously appears to them in their paths

(From The Wisdom of Solomon Ch 6 v12-17