TO be in thoughtless Awareness

Meditation is a word which has been defined and interpreted in countless different ways, from reflecting deeply on a subject to sitting quietly with closed eyes and focused attention.

Meditation in Sahaja Yoga is based on self-realization, where the subtle inner energy of the practitioner is awakened, leading to a state known as "thoughtless awareness." This thoughtless awareness, or meditation, occurs when the mind is not disturbed by thoughts, yet remains perfectly aware.

The practice of meditation in Sahaja Yoga is simple, and can be done at home or in the office, alone or with others. Shri Mataji stressed that leaving society behind in order to gain spiritual enlightenment was unnecessary. The basis of the technique is the awakening of this energy which exists in everyone, and it centres on the individual's choice of taking it up and practicing. It is an experience of effortless meditation, rather than any exercise of mindfulness or concentration.

La méditation améliore la santé mentaleMedical studies carried out in Australia and India have shown that the body's healing mechanisms are activated when one meditates in thoughtless awareness, but not when one is simply using a relaxation method such as deep breathing or visualization.

Relaxation methods are effective in reducing stress, but have not shown quantifiable medical results, while Sahaja Yoga Meditation has. [1b]  

A unique feature of Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the fact that it does not offer a single prescriptive route to spirituality. There are no dietary restrictions or religious obligations. Each practitioner has the option to select their own path, rate of progress and spiritual goals. No individual is forced to take any path, there is no prescribed entrance point and each self-designed route is perfectly flexible, a living process adaptable to specific needs or circumstances.[2]

Meditation centres have been established around the world, where this technique introduced by Shri Mataji is taught free of charge.

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