A Labour of Love

Brought up in a family that considered self-sacrifice the highest calling, Shri Mataji dedicated her life to a continuous program of public and spiritual work.

She created charitable organizations such as the Vishwa Nirmala Prem Ashram for destitute women and orphan children, founded international schools promoting a holistic and balanced education, established health clinics, created a classical art academy, and much more. All of these endeavors complemented her global work of spiritual transformation.

A glimpse into Shri Mataji's itinerary in 1990 reveals the type of schedule she typically maintained, with more than two hundred events in twenty-six countries including Brazil, India, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, France, England, Poland, Spain, Italy, the United States, and many more. The distance she travelled in that year exceeded 135,000 kilometers, which is the equivalent of circling the globe three times.

 Shri Mataji's compassion and concern for humanity was the fuel for all of these activities. She never referred to what she did as 'work'.

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